The Hierarchy: *Free Video – enjoy this informative 7min video… Simply fill out the email form above to receive the link to the video. This is the first of its kind! Never before (That I am aware of ) has there been a video that FULLY explains the “On-Set” hierarchy from the aspects of both production and performers. It starts with being able to “walk the walk”, or in this case… “TALK THE TALK” There are so many departments on a television/ film set… Each of these departments has their own lingo, or language… Imagine, just for a moment, that you are visiting a foreign country that speaks very little of your native language… You would probably get by… but how comfortable would you be? Presumably NOT very comfortable, yes? Well now imagine that foreign country spoke FIVE DIFFERENT LANGUAGES!! GET THE POINT, YES? Great… Now get “The Glossary”, and Learn the language of the pros!
The Glossary: Perhaps you watch television or movies, but you’ve yet to step foot on a set… or perhaps you’ve been on set many times, but never had an opportunity to find out: What is “this” called, and what does “that” do? Or, HOLY COW!! WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING? Allow me to satisfy any curiosity, or to ease any anxiety that you may have regarding “The Language” of the PROS. The first question I am often asked is: “Does this list include EVERY term?” ... the answer is “NO!” If I just put every term in this glossary, then you will likely have confusion as to which words are commonplace vs. which words are seldom used, if at all. Instead, I dissected each of the separate departments such as production, performance, lighting, grips, camera, and props.  To give you all the terms you would want to know. The terms you need to know,  the terms I wish someone had given me when I started my career. What do I get? This expansive, NEVER RELEASED BEFORE, 37-minute long video features the most comprehensive glossary available, within our business! This 37-minute video includes 250 set terms and their definitions in alphabetical order. “The Glossary” Includes the PDF Versions of both the glossary and set-hierarchy video.
The Course: What is it? The course is divided in 2 sections: the “Main Course” & the “Deep Dive” The Deep Dive is where we REALLY delve into the core topic, unearthing your RICH vein of talent. This comprehensive 24-part video course demystifies the film and television business and breaks it down to its purest simplicity.  It was developed to turn aspiring actors into professionals BEFORE they step foot on a set. I answer all of the who, what, where, when, why and how questions that you are thinking… such as:
Who is the person I report to? What’s that called? What does that do? What about that?... And that?.. and this? and that? What do the 100 or more people I will meet on a set actually do? When I get to set… Could I? Would I? Should I? Where do I look for work? Why is it that no one want to help me succeed in this business of ours? How do I get into the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA)?
I am so confident that I answered all of the questions you could think of, as well as the question you did not even know you had, that I am offering this course with an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee. Take a week, take a month, take two, to view the course, and if you feel that the information I share with you does not greatly increase your confidence to book more work… get your money back… ALL OF IT… PLUS .02 cents for letting me know how I could have made the course EVEN BETTER!! No gimmicks, no nonsense! Understand that I am an actor who’s been, and continues to be in the trenches, and I would NEVER attach my name to anything that I do not believe in, wholeheartedly. THAT is my UNCONDITIONAL guarantee to you. What do I get? 24 HD videos with over 3.5 hours of pure content. The accompanying audio (MP3) versions of the videos. A course workbook (PDF) with all the content from the videos (which includes “The Glossary” and “The Hierarchy.”) Reflect on this: Each scene of the course gives you additional and relevant content to think about and “reflect on” Questions to answer: Each scene ends with a series of questions that you would want to answer before moving on to the next scene. This will ensure that you are retaining the knowledge and wisdom shared. Behind “The Seens”: As you already know… “A picture is worth 1000 words” And so you will have access to all 97 of the awesome and descriptive pictures that are shared throughout the entire course. A copy of the 10 commitments: An essential checklist that every actor needs. The “2X Hack”: I have included a special setting option that will allow you to slow down or speed up any portion of video, giving you total control of how you consume the content.The benefit being that you can watch one 30 minute video in just 15 minutes. OR the same video.. twice. Talk about consumption on demand.
"The Glossary" 37-minute long video features the most comprehensive glossary available, within our business! Hierarchy - KNOW YOUR ROLE! - Free Video - $997 $997 $97 $97 FREE GET NOW! BUY NOW! BUY NOW!
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You want to learn all that is required to be a TRUE   “On-Set”  professional, AND you desire to unearth your RICH vein of talent.
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This course is NOT for you IF… •	If you believe you know EVERYTHING there is to know about our business including the ENTIRE television/film set and set life. •	If you're ALREADY cast as a recurring guest star, or "series regular" on a television show. •	If you are already a SAG-AFTRA member and believe that you don’t NEED any HELP, from anyone in order to propel your career to the next level •	If you’re happy with the current state of your career, and believe that you cannot learn from a seasoned professional.
Ready, Set-Etiquette! The Actor's Guide on how to act on set. How to GET on , and STAY on a television/ film set. This comprehensive 24-part video course demystifies the film and television business and breaks it down to its purest simplicity.  It was dev Available Products ____________________________________