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YES, Steve Mason... Sign me up! Ready, Set-Etiquette! The Actor's Guide on how to act on set. How to GET on , and STAY on a television/ film set. This comprehensive 24-part video course demystifies the film and television business and breaks it down to its purest simplicity.  It was dev
Knowledge is a key to succeeding in our business. Early in the course I share a very important quote from the highly well respected and extremely talented, Kevin Spacey. Mr. Spacey tells us that we have to “Send the elevator back down”, or in essence, to pay “it” forward.
Here is an opportunity to pay it forward while being paid for your effort. If you believe you know a person (or perhaps many) who would benefit from this course, then I invite you to click the button below. You will be directed to fill out a quick form requesting to become an affiliate distributor of “Ready, Set-Etiquette” Upon approval, you will be issued a unique and personalized affiliate link, that you would then give to any prospective student of the course. You can email it or forward it… any way you like. This code would be used when the client checks out, and he or she would receive a predetermined discounted rate off the course. Their purchase of “The Full Course” would then log a credit in your account. Every 60 days… the purchases using your unique link will be tallied, and you will receive a PayPal transfer of $100 for EACH “Full Course” purchase. PLEASE NOTE: A valid Paypal account is the ONLY way to receive affiliate credit. Sincerely, Steve Mason, Actor