Ready, Set-Etiquette! The Actor's Guide on how to act on set. How to GET on , and STAY on a television/ film set. This comprehensive 24-part video course demystifies the film and television business and breaks it down to its purest simplicity.  It was dev
For those who don’t already know who I am… My name is Steve Mason. I am an accomplished actor and stunt performer. Here is a link to the work I am known for … My IMDB Profile …Enough about me. I could have never have made this course on my own… There were so many influences and helpers, along the way. I would like to take a moment to both introduce and to show appreciation for Klever Media Corp. KLEVER Media Corp. is an integral part of my team. Fortunately for both you and I, my team was able to see the initial vision I had, and execute the successful manifestation, and distribution of this course. I wholeheartedly appreciate EVERYONE at KLEVER Media Corp. for ALL of their efforts! Sincerely, Steve Mason, Actor
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