Ready, Set-Etiquette! The Actor's Guide on how to act on set. How to GET on , and STAY on a television/ film set. This comprehensive 24-part video course demystifies the film and television business and breaks it down to its purest simplicity.  It was dev
There are tons of available books and courses on learning the craft of acting. This is not one of them. Like most aspiring actors, the thought of being a famous star has not only passionately driven you, but likely emotionally drained you as well.  And I say that from experience. Have you given thought to what "Fame" means to you? Is it for the money? Is it for the adoration? Or is it for simply being recognized for your good work? Now, will you experience any, or ALL of it? Who am I to say you won’t? Most often the odds can, seemingly, be stacked against you. Therefore, I would encourage you to reach a point where you will equate happiness… to being able to pay ALL of your bills, while doing what you LOVE to do. What I CAN guarantee you, however… is that if you invest in yourself? ... you're going to learn information... that is invaluable! By simply applying this new information, not only will you gain the confidence of a pro, but you will ALSO be recognized as such, by the other professionals in our business. Thank you in advance for choosing to be a pro! [or what I refer to in the course as "a diamond"] Sincerely, Steve Mason, Actor
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...WOW! So much information, with personal stories... AND the what NOT-to-do's... AND preparing them to get work... You made a great reputation for yourself on set! They are going to eat this up!! - Nicole Evranian, Staff P.A. - Production Assistant}
- Kate Votapka, Actor  - - Steve Mason Testimonial
I started reading your book, and it was very hard to put down. It is VERY engaging! Not only is this course informative, but it gave amazing advice to advance within the industry. There are so many terms that I have heard before, but now I know what they mean, thanks to that GLOSSARY! - Kate Votapka, Actor
- Nicole Evranian, Staff P.A. - Production Assistant}  - - Steve Mason Testimonial
MAKE NO MISTAKE ...buying this course will NOT guarantee that you'll be a star.
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This course is NOT for you IF… •	If you believe you know EVERYTHING there is to know about our business including the ENTIRE television/film set and set life. •	If you're ALREADY cast as a recurring guest star, or "series regular" on a television show. •	If you are already a SAG-AFTRA member and believe that you don’t NEED any HELP, from anyone in order to propel your career to the next level •	If you’re happy with the current state of your career, and believe that you cannot learn from a seasoned professional.
"Ready, Set... ETIQUETTE!" is exactly the guide I was looking for. Mr. Mason's book is full of valuable advice, resources, suggestions and words of wisdom on getting into the acting industry. Acting is something I've always wanted to pursue but never knew where to start and I never had anyone to turn to, well, until I found this page turner! Thanks in advance, I'll let you know when I land something. - Jennifer Colonna, Actor
 - - Steve Mason Testimonial Don’t take my word for it:
The principles of "SET-ETIQUETTE" that I learned from Steve Mason, turned me into a respected, professional, PRINCIPAL actor!!! - Christopher Joseph Gray, Actor
- Christopher Joseph Gray, Actor  - - Steve Mason Testimonial
I worked closely on a television project with Steve for several months and admitted [to him] that I had learned more from him directly and from watching him in the work environment than I had in any class-- about acting, professionalism, how to treat others, how to be humble yet still demand an essential level of respect (which you will learn is not often given to you), and how to use common sense to navigate your interactions around the confusing and ever-changing "set-life." That is why I was not surprised to read this book and find all these helpful tips and personal stories incredibly resourceful, educational, and wildly entertaining. Especially so, for anyone working inside of, considering, and/or just interested in the entertainment industry and what really happens behind the scenes. - Amanda Tenenzapf, Actor
You broke things down well, from preparation to how things work on set, to where props come from to wardrobe, and gave examples of being a principal actor as well as background. Informative and entertaining for sure! THAT glossary is REALLY WELL DONE! - Anthony Congiano, Actor
- Anthony Congiano, Actor - - Steve Mason Testimonial You want to learn all that is required to be a TRUE   “On-Set”  professional, AND you desire to unearth your RICH vein of talent. When you click above you will be taken to the   Klever Media  Checkout pageEnter Gift Code HOME30 to save 30% off  the ENTIRE course. Yes, Steve Mason... I want to be a PRO! This course is PERFECT for you IF… Yes, Steve Mason... I want to be a PRO!